Barrenjoey Road, Palm Beach

Perched high up on the cliff of Barrenjoey headland sits Palm Beach Blue. Designed and used as a family holiday home, it sits rather unsuspectingly on the hillside


Architect: Benn + Penna Architecture

Connection to the family history on the site was a major influencing factor for the design. The blue weatherboard cladding is a play on the original shack built many years ago by the family’s ancestors.

Originally owned by the current owner’s parents. They purchased the site when a ferry from Mona Vale was the only way to reach Palm Beach. A tiny, three room, fibro beach shack was built with all materials carried up by hand.

Modern technology meant we didn’t have to carry all the materials up the hill in the same manner as the original builders. This was a good thing, given the cantilevers and engineering requirements, meant the materials were significantly heavier than the original.